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For the sake of separation, this site has always been hosted elsewhere and managed separately. Two alternatives which stallman does accept are software libre and unfettered software, but free software is the term he asks people to use in english. Currently, many people use proprietary software that denies users these freedoms. The terms free software and open source stand for almost the same range of programs. Richard matthew stallman wikipedia, a enciclopedia livre. Why open source misses the point of free software gnu project. Read the master in a background of quietly understated elegance. The views expressed here are my personal views, not those of the free software foundation or the gnu project. Microsoft is running a patent protection racket, threatening to sue users of free software. Todos conoceis o deberiais conocer a richard stallman. Personal essays, political opinions, travel experiences, brief biography.

Reasons not to use microsoft richard stallmans personal page. For similar reasons, he argues for the term proprietary software rather than closedsource software, when referring to software that is not free software. Richard stallman explains free software at tedx geneva. Founder of gnu project and free software foundation, father and current maintainer of the one true emacs. Ha desarrollado muchos programas informaticos, como emacs, gcc y gnu debugger. The free software movement is a social movement with the goal of obtaining and guaranteeing certain freedoms for software users, namely the freedom to run the software, to study and change the software, and to redistribute copies with or without changes. Reclaim your freedom with free libre software now richard stallman of free software movement duration. Rss site feed for the most recent political notes and new material. Although drawing on traditions and philosophies among members of the 1970s hacker culture and academia, richard stallman formally founded the. If you want to send me gpgencrypted mail, do not trust key servers. Richard stallman creador del proyecto gnu software libre. Microsofts principal wrong is distributing a nonfree operating system, microsoft windows. Richard stallman lo explica en esta video entrevista.

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