Bt paintball markers upgrades for iphone

Empire bt marker upgrades empire marker upgrades eclipse marker upgrades dye marker upgrades. Ansgear has paintball guns and paintball equipment for everyone. The bt tm15 double trigger kit allows for much faster triggering resulting in a significantly higher ballspersecond count. The bt 4 combat is a semiautomatic paintball marker manufactured by bt paintball.

Empire dfender paintball gun with integrated loader. Badlands paintball carries a huge selection of upgrades for your empire bt paintball guns. The bt4 has mnay upgrades and accessories available on the market. Paintball parts paintball gun upgrades paintball products. Paintball gun upgrades and accessories at lowest prices. Badlands stocks everything you need for your empire bt gun, from sights and scopes to. As an owner of an empire bt paintball marker, you will never get tired or your gun because there are so many accessories for this brand. Techt paintball zero kick hammer upgrade part for tippmann markers a5 x7 m98. We have a great selection of bt upgrades in stock so you can customize and trick out your paintball gun. Paintball gear canada has been selling exclusively to canadians since 2001. The biggest item in paintball to start with is your paintball marker. We carry a complete selection of seals, gaskets, and components whether you need a simple oring, a velocity screw, ball latch, or something more durable like sears and springs. Here is a list of some of the most popular paintball gun upgrades on. We also carry your middle level and high end tourney markers from manufactures like dangerous powers, eclipse, dye, and proto paintball.

We carry all most brands and styles of paintball guns. If you grab a bt paintball gun then know that your gun will deliver optimal performance in every game and battle. Every used item that we have in our store or available online has been inspected, serviced, and tested buy our staff. We have tactical accessories, rip clips, electronic upgrades, spring kits, parts kits. Now that gi sportz has purchased kee action sports who owned the bt brand, the bt brand has slowly dissapeared and the tippmann tactical has grown in popularity. The bt 4 slice is tough and reliable paintball marker that is incredibly easy to clean. The gi sportz stealth paintball marker blue grey is an upgraded planet. Actionvillage offers the complete bt paintball gun line up, from their entry level beginner models all the way through to high performance electronic milsim markers. You can upgrade a few things internally to make it better suited for your unique style and. We stock a huge range of markers, paintballs, paintball clothing and accessories, from top brands like bt, jt, spyder and tippman. The barrel thread is also designed to be swapped out so that barrels from other paintball markers may be used. Bt 4 combat slice beginner marker package 2 48ci 3000psi hpa. The best upgrade kits for bt paintball guns not only lend an awesome tactical military look but will also improve your marker s performance. Dont get overwhelmed by all the different choices or compatibilities.

The upgrade solenoid provides your tm7 or tm15 with a higher strength, more reliable, more efficient engine for. No part of this document may be copied or reproduced without the prior written consent of bt paintball designs, inc. Fully upgradeable, the omega easily accepts numerous battle tested upgrades, such as the halo powered rip clip, the empire bt electronic grip frame, the 19 barrel, and the clamp elbow kit. Home performance parts shop upgrades and parts by gun brand bt paintball gun upgrades. The body hinges forward so you can oil and maintain the slice without tools in mere minutes. The bt 4 combat series of paintball markers are the second generation of stock markers released by bt paintball. As you can see we have a huge selection of paintball upgrades for every brand of paintball gun. When you order your bt paintball gun from ansgear, know that you will not be disappointed since you will get a great combination of control. Please be advised that we have a lot more used items in stock in our retail store. However if you do not see a new model in stock on our website under one of the brands that we carry feel free to to contact us and well be glad to see if we can order one for you. Your paintball mask is the most critical piece of paintball gear you will ever use.

Paintball is the best source for replacement parts for paintball guns. Theyre often called paintball markers because they shoot paintfilled shells. Paintball gun upgrades and mods here at tippmann parts, we have worked for years to bring you the best and affordable upgrades and accessories for tippmann made paintball guns. The bt tm7 utilizes mini technology to inflict maximum force from a marker of minimal size. The gun is like an a5 with all of the upgrades you would normally add on aftermarket, such as an apex barrel, folding stock, magazine, shroud, and an electric grip and electric drive. Adding upgrades to your bt gun can give you an advantage over your opponents. We try to carry as many as we can and stay up on the latest products as much as possible. Battle tested is an appropriate name for this line of rugged and durable paintball guns, which work well in even the most adverse conditions. Carrying your marker to battle has never been easier thanks to its secure carry handle. The rugged aluminum body will withstand heavy duty combat situations and provides increased performance and durability. Over 40,000 shoppers have chosen us as their source for gear. Jul 21, 2017 empire bt dfender paintball marker le grey weave.

Get the best deals on bt paintball markers and upgrade your home workout gear with the largest online selection at. Empire battle tested paintball guns are built for serious woodsball. Home performance parts shop upgrades and parts by gun brand bt paintball gun upgrades sort by. There will only be 50 of these ever made in all finishes. Bt paintball guns will give you a great advantage over your competition on the field. We have a ton of paintball gun upgrades all available for you to add to your cart today. Our comprehensive line of paintball guns is both extensive and complete. They made the bt slice, the bt combat and other tactical paintball guns. The newly redesigned empire bt omega paintball marker will take you into battle without breaking the bank. Clothing, shoes, tshirts, sweatshirts, pants, shorts, hats, watches and more at.

Feel free to call or email us if you are looking for something specific you do not see here. These two things combined make for dramatically improved firing characteristics and shot grouping that you can see and feel with every shot. Our more advanced paintball packages feature electronic guns and hoppers for the more serious paintball player. They are similar internally to the tippmann 98 custom, and aesthetically similar to the tippmann a5. Choose your brand and get some great paintball gun upgrades to trick it out. The chemistry behind paintball guns is they use compressed air to shoot paintballs through a 12 to 15inch barrel. Maddog tippmann sierra one tactical co2 red dot paintball gun package tan. When you pick up a bt marker you are ready for serious paint combat. Zero kick hammer mk2 design is nearly half the weight of the stock hammer and hand polished. Bt paintball gun accessories, bt paintball marker parts. Our team of experts have put together mega package sets just for you. Jt paintball parts is dedicated to supporting paintball players with a complete selection of replacement parts, upgrades, and new paintball gear.

Bt 4 slice combat paintball marker the classic bt 4 combat marker got a huge upgrade with the slice. Empire paintball is proud to introduce the relaunc. Paintball gun upgrades for the bt4 slice combat by techt. The smg and cqb kits are the least expensive as they contain the least number of parts. Bt 4 combat slice beginner marker package 2 68ci 4500psi hpa. Look for your low priced upgrades from red dot paintball. Empire paintball all paintball gear bt battle tested paintball jt paintball guns and masks viewloader hoppers and guns. Bt paintball markers were a brand established to compete with the tippmann line of guns. Paintball upgrades are the key to keep your gun ahead of the competition. Buy your paintball gun upgrades here for incredibile pricing, free shipping and direct to your door shipping. Our starter packages feature co2 tanks to keep the cost lower. Whether you have a basic model bt 4 or the more advanced bt tm7, tm15 or delta, there are plenty of upgrade parts and easy to install accessories that will fit your gun. The paintball gun upgrade link will take you to all the upgrades and parts we have for that marker.

This is perhaps best seen with parts kits that transform your empire bt combat paintball gun into a precision sniper. Bt paintball is a great scenario paintball company. Home replacement parts empire bt we found 176 results matching your criteria. While the dfender looks like a heavy gun it is not due to the light weight magnesium construction. High to low most popular title manufacturer newest oldest availability 90 per page 180 per page 360 per page page of 1. Works in other markers like valken and bt markers as well. This is the inception designs ripper axe replacement body. If tippmann sports makes a paintball marker then weve got the parts for it. Lengthy rifled barrels and long range sniper scopes will allow you to command the. Whether you own a new tippmann, or even an older discontinued model, we have tons of goodies just for you. Paintball wizard is your one stop shop for all your paintball needs whether your just starting out or ready for tournament play we got the gear and knowledge at great affordable prices to set you up right. Techt zero kick hammer upgrade for tippmanns, bt, and. Inblack from modern intel gets his hands on a brand new tacamo mkv kit for the bt4. Empire battle tested, better known simply as bt, is at the forefront of scenario paintball gun design.

Check out the video as he tests out both the magazine and hopperfed configurations of. Its important to keep your equipment in good working condition. Whether youre just getting into paintball or a seasoned pro, our list of the best paintball guns give you the power, accuracy, and control you need to win your games. Prices and shopping results for bt 4 combat paintball marker from. Jt paintball parts is an independent retailer not owned by kee sports. Our team of experts have put together a variety packages to fit any type of playing style, from speedball to woodsball to recreational play.

Our gun packages and kits offer a variety types from woodsball to speedball guns. The empire dfender paintball gun is the first of its kind with an integrated loader inside the stock of the marker. While the empire bt 4 combat and tm7 markers make very formidable paintball sub machine guns, there are several upgrade kits available for these transformations. Inception designs ripper empire axe body kit dust black. Introduction and specifications congratulations on your selection of the bt omega paintball marker. The bt paintball protducts are second to none and will amaze you. Recently i have gotten back into paintball and when i was going to replace the a5 i came across the bt delta elite. With the selection that we carry you will be able to choose a great starter paintball marker like the bt combat or the very popular tippmann 98 custom platinum series. Choose the paintball gun upgrades you need in order to get your gun shooting up to its full potential. Top bt 4 combat paintball marker deals at mysimon prices. Installation is quick and easy and is a must for all serious tm15 owners. View our selection of bt paintball equipment at lowest possible prices.

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