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Smokeless tobacco is associated with many health problems. Health risks of smokeless tobacco american cancer society. Please scroll down for article the oral cancer foundation. Chewing tobacco is cured tobacco in the form of loose leaf, plug, or twist. Chewing tobacco comes in loose leaf, plug and twist. Tobacco companies have created flavored, dissolvable forms of smokeless tobacco. Snuff is finely ground tobacco that comes dry, moist or in baglike pouches. A variety of smokeless tobacco products are available, for oral or nasal use.

May appeal to youth because it comes in flavors such as cinnamon, berry, vanilla, and apple 3,4 types of smokeless tobacco. Smokeless tobacco is a noncombustible tobacco product. There are two main types of smokeless tobacco used in the u. Products intended for oral use are sucked, chewed dipped, gargled or applied to the gums or teeth, while fine tobacco mixtures are usually inhaled into the nostrils. Chewing tobacco is cured tobacco in the form of loose. Smokeless tobacco use during pregnancy increases the risk for early delivery and stillbirth. There are two main types of smokeless tobacco that have been traditionally marketed in the united states. Some of these also contain sweeteners or flavoring and look a lot like candy. Smokeless tobacco products, including dip, snuff, snus. These are available as tobacco lozenges, orbs, or pellets. Causes cancer of the mouth, esophagus the passage that connects the throat to the stomach, and pancreas a gland that helps with digestion and maintaining proper blood sugar levels 1,2 is associated with diseases of the mouth 1,3. Cstore sales of moist smokeless tobacco brands in the u. Health effects of smokeless tobacco products american. Moist snuff leads all types of smokeless tobacco in revenues and marketing expenditures.

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